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The DVHS provides printed and mailed newsletters to its members. There are four issues (with color pages) and a winter bulletin each year, coming out a few weeks in advance of each meeting. Join today to get your subscription started! Issues will be shared and archived here at the end of each season after publication.

Our Latest (free) Newsletter

Click the image to download the PDF of our 2022 Spring Newsletter.  (Approx. 1.5 MB)

For sale plants click here to download the catalog.

Newsletters: Stay informed

Newsletter Archives

DVHS Brochure (2019)

Issue 30.3 Fall 2022

Issue 30.2 Summer 2022

Issue 30.1 Spring 2022

Issue 30.0 Winter 2021

Issue 29.3 Fall 2020

Issue 29.2 Summer 2020 (original feature: Hosta Show registration data)

Issue 29.1 Spring 2020 (includes sale plants for June 2021)

Issue 28.4 Fall 2019

Issue 28.3 Summer 2019

Issue 28.2 Late Spring 2019 (original feature: Dividing a Streaker)

Issue 28.1 Early Spring 2019

Issue 28.0 Winter 2019

Issue 27.4 Fall 2018

Issue 27.3 (Not issued due to convention)

Issue 27.2 Summer 2018

Issue 27.1 Spring 2018

Issue 26.4 Fall 2017

Issue 26.2 Late Spring 2017

Issue 26.1 Early Spring 2017

Issue 25.4 Summer 2016 (original feature: Foliar Nematode Treatment)

Issue 25.3 Summer 2016

Issue 25.2 Late Spring 2016 (original feature: Foliar Nematode Research)

Issue 25.1 Spring 2016

Issue 24.4 Fall 2015 (original feature: Sooty Mold on Hostas)

Issue 24.3 Summer 2015 (original feature: Reliable Hydrangeas for Shade)

Issue 24.2 Late Spring 2015

Issue 24.1 Spring 2015 (original feature: Sick or Super: Mottled Hostas)

Issue 24.0 Winter bulletin 2015

Issue 23.4 Fall 2014 (original feature: Leopard Slugs revisited)

Issue 23.3 Summer 2014 (original feature: Charlie Seaver on plant patents)

Issue 23.2 Late Spring 2014 (original feature: Paul Aden Registrations Revised)

Issue 23.1 Spring 2014 (original feature: Leopard Slugs)

Issue 22.4 Fall 2013 (original feature: Plain Dirt Hosta Gardener #4)

Issue 22.3 Summer 2013

Issue 22.2 Late spring 2013 (original feature: Foliar Nematodes and DVHS)

Issue 22.1 Spring 2013 (original feature: Plain Dirt Hosta Gardener #3)

Issue 22.0 Winter bulletin 2013

Issue 21.1 Spring 2012 (original feature: Rejuvenating a Big 'Sagae')

The DVHS brochure is formatted to print on legal paper (11x14) and folded. That means the pages here are out of order (4,1,2,3). We'll print a bunch so you can share them with friends or with your local garden centers.

Use the Contact page if you would like an archived Newsletter issue not listed here.

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