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As noted on the About Us page, DVHS holds 4-5 meetings each year. Some are in gardens, with tours, plant auctions, and pot-luck suppers. Others are in libraries or other public spaces, where we can chat and enjoy a presentation by invited guest speakers or by our own local experts.


In addition to our meetings, the DVHS is active in preparing and maintaining public display gardens at local arboretums, and in producing AHS-accredited hosta shows for friendly competition and informing our members and the public about hostas. Please click on the links below for more information.

Calendar and Activities. Come to a DVHS event!

Here is our calendar for 2023.
Our Newsletters page lets you download more information.

Saturday, April 8

Spring meeting and guest speaker
Tredyfferin Public Library, 12:00 p.m.

Guest speaker Don Rawson, of the famed Hosta Lists website, brings us “What’s New in the World of Hostas?”

The Hostatality (drinks, boxed lunches/snacks, and hosta chitchat) starts at noon, with the speaker on at 1:00.

Saturday, June 3

Garden tour & auction
Carole Verhake garden, Berwyn, PA

This is a NEW garden to DVHS visitors, which we hope you will enjoy. Details HERE.

Start planning now for the auction: what plants you can share, and what plants you need!

Saturday, July 8

Garden tour and auction
Anastasia and Clinton Cleaver house
Rydal, PA

Clinton and Anastasia are relatively new DVHS members who have caught the hosta bug. They are placing more focus on their woodland garden, after devoting their efforts to restoration of their charming Victorian home.

Details HERE

Saturday, August 5

Another Garden tour!
Andy Schenck garden, Berwyn, PA

Andy is a landscape professional who manages the Sam Brown’s Wholesale Nursery in Malvern. His "Look Again Garden" (yes, that’s its name) contains treasures galore, as in his professional life he seeks the best stuff for his clients (like Chanticleer Gardens). Details HERE

Saturday, October 21

Titans and Gods:
The Olympians of the Hosta World

Speaker: David Teager DVHS Past President and Fearless Leader

And here are some other nearby local or national hosta activities.

Saturday/Sunday, May 20/21

Tri-State Hosta meeting and sale

A members-only sale (Bob Solberg, vendor) with visits to two gardens over the weekend: Matt Sanford in Watertown, CT, and Roberta and Dave Chopko in Boonton, NJ.

Saturday, May 27

Tri-State Hosta Society visits
Russell Gardens Wholesale

We're grateful to our neighboring hosta society for setting this up. Alan Russell is always glad to see us come by and shop his special collection at wholesale prices! 8:00 - 1:00

June 7–10

American Hosta Society Convention
Ames, Iowa

Conventions are back to normal! Visit the “Field of Dreams” convention website for information about how you can visit beautiful gardens (and that baseball field) in the heart of Iowa.

July 20 and 29

Tri-State Hosta garden tours

Tristate has two more garden tours scheduled for this, their 30th Anniversary year, both in north New Jersey. Use the link above as they add details.


Conny and Rebecca in the bamboo grove at WynEden, August 2019.

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