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America’s favorite perennial.

From six-foot monsters to teacup treasures, in colors plain and fancy.

Shade-tolerant, moisture-loving, and—

yes—delicious (to a deer or a slug).

But most of all: beautiful.

Join the Delaware Valley Hosta Society to learn more about growing these tough, versatile, and above all, beautiful plants.

Visit private gardens, share plants at our popular auctions, and compete in hosta shows. You’ll learn why hostas are so often called...“the Friendship Plant."

The Delaware Valley Hosta Society was founded in 1982 as a local affiliate of the American Hosta Society. Our members come from all over, but we visit gardens in the wider Philadelphia area, including northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, and Southern New Jersey.

Hostas are, year after year, one of the most popular perennials sold and grown in the United States. Click to get our compilation of information on how and where to grow our favorite plant. We have the most hosta-tastic website on the Internet for both newbies and experts!

The DVHS generally holds four or five meetings each year: one in late winter, one in early spring (perhaps with a members-only sale of new plants), 2–3 garden tours in summer, and often a fall gathering with a guest speaker. We also hold garden work days at our area hosta display gardens.

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Members receive printed newsletters by mail.

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A multi-page set of Frequently Asked Questions (with expert answers, of course).


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Our most popular page: What Hosta Do I Have?




Phifty in Philly — Convention Memories


The Delaware Valley Hosta Society was pleased to host the 2018 Convention, marking the 50th anniversary of both the founding of the AHS and its first convention, which took place near Philadelphia, America's Garden Capital. Click the logo for the convention website archive.

You can view a slideshow of memories: photos submitted by attendees. Movies will play in a browser window, or you can download the files for later viewing.

Powerpoint versions are smaller read-only files (but only if you have
Powerpoint); for best display, watch or download the large movie files
(with ambient background music). Enjoy!

Powerpoint with no sound.

Powerpoint with sound.

Movie at desktop resolution. (1.5 GB)

Movie at full resolution. (2.6 GB)

And finally, the group shot taken at Longwood Gardens is here.

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