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Phifty in Philly: June 20-23, 2018!

Click through to see 50 reasons why the 50th anniversary should be in Philadelphia!

The slideshow below was our "pitch" to the board of the American Hosta Society to show that we were ready and willing to host this special event. Some of the pitch is now outdated, but it's still fun. Visit the full convention website, linked above.

Images can be viewed as a slide show by clicking on the "play" button at bottom right when you mouse over the picture,
or click through at your own pace. Keep your mouse hovering so you're sure to see the captions and descriptions.
Enjoy our little tour!

2018: the 50th Anniversary
of the American Hosta Society

The Delaware Valley Hosta Society is pleased to host the 2018 Convention, marking the 50th anniversary of both the founding of the AHS and its first convention, both events which took place near Philadelphia.

Many helpers will be needed for this big event. Join the fun by joining DVHS!

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