Spring meeting Zoom video presentation

Take a shot! Karl Gercens, horticulturist and photographer

Tuesday, April 20, 7–8 p.m.

Karl Gercens.jpg

In place of a Hosta Show this year (postponed from last year), DVHS will be devising a Hosta Photo Show for 2021. We'll compete in classic categories such as Glamour Shot (clump portrait) and Hosta Landscapes, along with a few new and surprising categories. In advance of this new event, we could all use some lessons on great garden photography, and Karl Gercens is the right one to school us!

Join Karl as he explores the world through his lens capturing plants and landscapes with his lens. In this presentation we will experience how light can capture a mood and timing is what makes a moment really happen. We'll look at ways to overcome challenging situations like harsh sun as well as tips on making your subject really pop.  Training your

eye to look for lines, and avoiding the mistakes that so many of us fall for will all be captured in this colorful adventure of eye-candy and inspiration.


Check out some of Karl's work on his Facebook and Instagram profiles where some of his images are shared. For an inspiration overload you can browse over 3000 gardens he's visited on the Travelogue button on his website.


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Let’s bring the DVHS into the 21st century! Zoom along with us!