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Hosta FAQs: How do I clean and store seeds?

Here's a brief addendum to FAQ Part III, to show you the seed-cleaning process David Teager uses. Further explanation is available for each picture below if you click to open.

Once the seed pods are harvested they can be put into envelopes and allowed to dry further.

The dried pods are split open to reveal the seeds, using a knife point as needed to gently free them.

Good seeds may be hard to distinguish from flat (non-viable) seeds. Removing the papery wing by rubbing in the palm of your hand is a good way to isolate the viable kernels.

After rubbing you can sift the seeds to remove the chaff, or (for small numbers), simply separate them with your fingers by touch.

Cleaned seeds may be stored in vials or coin envelopes until planting.

You can watch this video to see all this in action.

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